Juliet Carpenter Publishes New Translation on Japanese Meiji Hero Sakamoto Ryoma

During my long stay in Japan from  2014-2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Juliet Carpenter, an influential translator who has brought over 60 works from Japanese to English, most notably Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara. Carpenter has recently published  the first volume of a history of Sakamoto Ryoma, and while researching she came to Kochi, and I met with her during her visit.

Ryoma is not hard to find in Kochi; there is a statue of him outside the train station, the airport is named after him and you can buy cookies with his face on them. He was critical in the early part of the Meiji restoration, and helped demand the adoption of a representative style government in Japan but he was assassinated before the process was fully completed.  He is regarded as a national hero in Kochi, and almost all who I met while living there wanted to see greater recognition for him in mainstream Japanese history. I'm sure there are many in Kochi who are excited to see that there is an authoritative biography coming out in English.

This informative interview with the translation team can tell you a lot more!